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“Casting a critical eye at graf writers is a little counterintuitive. We’re not about to impose a set of rules where they clearly don’t belong, but we do think HENSE’s works on overpasses, old buildings, railroad cars, rusty signage, and billboards over the past 15 years deserves recognition. The veteran street artist always turns out graceful, lively interactions that leave each urban surface he appropriates looking truly appreciated, including his bold — and authorized — Beltline mural off Ralph McGill Boulevard.”

An old friend doing cool stuff

Ryan Watkins Hughes

Born in Atlanta, GA, Ryan Watkins-Hughes is a New Orleans-based artist & web designer.

Recent exhibitions include the Convenience Store exhibition at York University Gallery in Toronto, along with group exhibitions and a solo show at Heist Gallery, NYC. In 2003, he created the Shopdropping project, which entails altering the packaging of goods before “shopdropping” them into stores.

New paintings

Some new pieces I did recently incorporating layers of silkscreening.

Juxtapoz Features |

New Juxtapoz features Retna, Pose and KC. Good stuff…

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