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What happens when you gather works from 16 industry designers, talent from the likes of Armchair Media, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Portfolio Center, People of Resource, Sons&Sons, etc., put them together in a former cotton gin-factory and toss in music, drinks, and a photobooth?

We’ll find out on October 2nd, 2010 at 9:00 PM, since this unique graphic arts showcase highlighting the talents of some of Atlanta’s most influential designers hasn’t ever been done quite like this before. With only the parameter of “color use” (and even that was lax), 16 of Atlanta’s most innovative, professional graphic artists broke free from marketing standards and art direction, pulled out all the stops, and are proud to present inventive works for a night dedicated to the celebration of design.

Participating artists include:

Duke Aber,
Kevin Byrd
Branden Collins
Drew Dominey
Travis Ekmark
John Ferguson
Candace House
Petrika Janssen
Jeffrey Jarvis
Farbod Kokabi
Eric LaCombe
Ron Lewis
Elise Mattingly
Lee Summers
Wade Thompson
Joe Veazey

CHROMATIC will take place at the historic and atmospheric Rodriguez Room at the Goat Farm (1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA, 30318, near Star Provisions). In addition to dynamic artwork, the free event will also include a color photobooth, drinks, DJ Drink Ticket (Chris Daresta) and DJ Luis Ponce, and originals and prints for sale. For more information, or to add a reminder to your Facebook events, visit the CHROMATIC invite page.

CHROMATIC would like to thank MINT Gallery for their support.

Creative Loafing Best Of Atlanta 2010

Creative Loafing

“Casting a critical eye at graf writers is a little counterintuitive. We’re not about to impose a set of rules where they clearly don’t belong, but we do think HENSE’s works on overpasses, old buildings, railroad cars, rusty signage, and billboards over the past 15 years deserves recognition. The veteran street artist always turns out graceful, lively interactions that leave each urban surface he appropriates looking truly appreciated, including his bold — and authorized — Beltline mural off Ralph McGill Boulevard.”

An old friend doing cool stuff

Ryan Watkins Hughes

Born in Atlanta, GA, Ryan Watkins-Hughes is a New Orleans-based artist & web designer.

Recent exhibitions include the Convenience Store exhibition at York University Gallery in Toronto, along with group exhibitions and a solo show at Heist Gallery, NYC. In 2003, he created the Shopdropping project, which entails altering the packaging of goods before “shopdropping” them into stores.

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