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​Cover feature and interview in Issue 04 of Tramontana Magazine based in Madrid, Spain.

Article by Angela Kordic

Edited and directed by Antonio Mora

Designed by Angel Sanz Correa

Color Space at Delimbo Gallery

“Color Space” is the first solo show of the American artist Alex Brewer/Hense in Spain.

For this exhibition, the artist presents his recent artwork, realized in different media and formats. These new paintings are a combination of spontaneous and predetermined processes. Some of the forms that he has been using lately either begin as drawings, cut paper or are completely spontaneously conceived.

Most of his last years production, is related to stripping things down to the core language of some of his previous works, by focusing on simple compositions. In these terms, the monotypes on paper are essentially explorations of color and form using visual references that he pulls from his paintings and murals. Thus, he explores the round-trip relationships between his public art projects and his studio practice: “A mural may inform a painting and a painting may inform a sculpture or work on paper and vis versa. As an artist who works in both public space and gallery settings, I always enjoy dealing with the challenges and stark differences of the two unique spaces”.

More information on the exhibition at Delimbo.

Toulouse, France

​New site-specific wall painting in Toulouse, France

Commissioned by the City of Toulouse in partnership with the City of Atlanta for the 2019 Edition of the Rose Beton Biennale.

“Overlapping and Intersecting Forms with Tangent Lines”

Acrylic on wall

46x82 feet

Ragusa, Sicily

Recently completed courtyard painting for Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi and Festiwall in Ragusa, Sicily.

Ragusa Sun


Acrylic paint on asphalt

14x45 meters - 45x147 feet

Our hope is for the work we painted in the courtyard at Liceo Scientifico to add an element of inspiration and curiosity for the students of the school.

We used colors that contrasted starkly with the existing architecture and we were very conscience of the space and scale we worked in.

The forms, lines and colors are intended to be purely compositional but I enjoy the idea of viewers having different interpretations of the work.

One of the most challenging parts of making this painting was thinking ahead so we wouldn’t destroy previously painted areas by walking on it.

Using a rough preliminary drawing as a guide, we worked as a team from beginning to end in the creation of the artwork.

I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process and interactive nature of the project.

Many thanks to Marina, Isabella, Alicia, Vincenzo, Festiwall, Liceo Scientifico, the volunteers, Argo Software and Sigma Coatings for all the help and support.

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